Chad VanGaalen — Diaper Island

27 05 2011

Artist: Chad VanGaalen

Album: Diaper Island

Genre: Indie Rock

Year: 2011

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Wilfred’s Wonderful People: David Liebe Hart (with bonus DLH Mixtape!)

22 05 2011

Salamé, all. I’ve got a very awesome new wonderful person to tell you about, he is a personal friend.  You probably read the words personal friend and then looked up at that picture of David Liebe Hart and then looked back down at the words personal friend and thought “no, it couldn’t be.”  Well it could be.  Because yesterday, I met David Liebe Hart, who we all know from his role as himself in the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, probably the greatest television program in existence.

Anyway, him and I are personal friends now, and this is a big deal because he is the first famous person I’ve ever met.  Allow me to explain what twists of fate brought us to cross paths.

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Shabazz Palaces — Black Up

15 05 2011

Artist: Shabazz Palaces

Album: Black Up

Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop

Year: 2011

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Bad Music Jokes

9 05 2011

Happy Birthday to me, everybody!  Every birthday I am reminded of my vast material wealth as I spend days upon days deliberating and ruminating about what to get myself.  I own everything I want in life!  Bop It?  Own it.  Shake Weight?  Not with these flab-free forearms.  Slap Chop?  Of course I fucking own a Slap Chop, I typed this whole post up with a Slap Chop.  But then it dawned on me that like the love of my parents, what I want for my birthday is something that cannot be bought, it can only be begged for!  So I beg of you, readers, to fulfill my birthday wish and pretend that these horrendously nonsensical music jokes are funny.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote them, but the end result ranged between inane music references and anti-jokes.  Some of them kind of make sense,some of them don’t at all.  But whatever they are, I wrote them all down in a text file and I can’t just bring myself to delete them now.  So hopefully you can help them find a home in the quaggiest depths of the Internet, amongst a gloomy morass of pity laughter awkward pats on the back.  It’ll be just like my 12th birthday (which is somewhere in the top 5 btw, I haven’t made a specific order yet)!

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Chain and the Gang — Music’s Not For Everyone

24 02 2011

Artist: Chain and the Gang

Album: Music’s Not For Everyone

Genre: Garage Rock

Year: 2011

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Tennis — Cape Dory

10 01 2011

Artist: Tennis

Album: Cape Dory

Genre: Surf Pop

Year: 2011

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GlassJAw — Our Color Green EP

1 01 2011

Artist: GlassJAw

Album: Our Color Green EP

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Year: 2011

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