Wilfred’s Wonderful People: David Liebe Hart (with bonus DLH Mixtape!)

22 05 2011

Salamé, all. I’ve got a very awesome new wonderful person to tell you about, he is a personal friend.  You probably read the words personal friend and then looked up at that picture of David Liebe Hart and then looked back down at the words personal friend and thought “no, it couldn’t be.”  Well it could be.  Because yesterday, I met David Liebe Hart, who we all know from his role as himself in the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, probably the greatest television program in existence.

Anyway, him and I are personal friends now, and this is a big deal because he is the first famous person I’ve ever met.  Allow me to explain what twists of fate brought us to cross paths.

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Wilfred’s Wonderful People: “Samuel Verasforzza”

1 11 2010

It’s not often that Internet trolls get to me–the Internet Hate Machine’s left me far too jaded to be bothered by that shit.  But a while back, my friend, who from henceforth on shall be referred to as Steve D., showed me some comments in a youtube video that were far more retarded than the average youtube comment.  And that is saying a lot.  But before I dive right in with how I got to know this guy,  verasforzza, here is a history lesson.  It all started with this video about about two cars… racing… or some shit.  I don’t know, that’s not my thing.

But quite some time after the video’s posting, a real doucher hit the scene.  All it took was one comment from this guy for the shitstorm to fire up—by the way, I should note that Steve D. and I weren’t the first ones to come across this abortion retard homo; that credit supposedly goes to  Vetteburna.  I can now only imagine the horrified look on poor Vetteburna’s face as his innocent day of watching car videos on youtube was ruined by what is arguably the worst Youtube video comment of all time.  And little did he know at that time that said comment would later ignite a flaming volcano of “holy-shit-somebody-is-wrong-on-the-Internet” fire.  A full-on flaming occurred, and if you’re willing to search through the forever shifting sands of Youtube comments, you can find a full archive of this.  But for those of you without the patience to do so, I invite you to follow me on a journey of faggotry…

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