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https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ contains links to audio files and downloads.  https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ does not store or make available for download any of this material itself, it only links to them at a different location.  For this reason, https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ has no control and carries no responsibility for their contents, but if you are the original owner of any copyrighted material that you do not wish to appear on the site, contact https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/and it will be removed promptly.

https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ believes that its indexing of links to publicly accessible files is legally permissible, and furthermore https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ expects all who use the Internet to abide by all copyright and intellectual property laws.

In addition, all advice, promises, threats, or other statements made on https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ are for entertainment purposes only.  They are not intended to offend or threaten anyone, nor do they reflect the actual beliefs of the author.

If you have any more questions, contact https://smotheredinhugs.wordpress.com/ and your questions will be addressed as soon as possible.

One response

9 05 2016

Is there a way to write to have something you have published, removed?

Is there a way to write you privately about this issue?

I do not see any email or telephone number in which to contact you. I want to speak with someone regarding this matter.

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