Marijuana Deathsquads — Tamper, Disable, Destroy

16 09 2012

Artist: Marijuana Deathsquads

Album: Tamper, Disable, Destroy

Genre: Indie Rock/Experimental Hip-Hop

Year: 2012


1.) We Do This

2.) Paper Cuts

3.) All Deep

4.) Top Down

5.) MGatP

6.) Goddamnland

7.) Same Pizza

8.) Animal

9.) Ladders and Shoots

10.) Tamper, Disable, Destroy


Official Site (64.2 Mb)

What’s up readers.  So you probably don’t need me to tell you how busy the music world has been this Fall, with new albums out from the likes of Animal Collective, WHY? (my OMG fave), Kendrick Lamar, and  P.O.S. of Doomtree.  But in our scramble to catch the big end-of-the-year album drops of, many listeners may be letting less-publicized yet equally exciting releases slip right between their fingers.  I’m talking mainly about Marijuana Deathgrips, the newest side project from P.O.S. and other ex-members of punk rock outfit Building Better Bombs, that will make your mouth water for some warped and chopped vocals and psychedelic drum & bass beats.  Their new mixtape, Tamper, Disable, Destroy, is a well-meshed collaboration that presents a number of new musical ideas, and keeps its unique genre-crossing group dynamic in the spotlight.  The opening track, “We Do This,” mixes industry-standard rap hooks with nebulous electronic production that puts the track into a whole new drugged-out context.  And indeed, drug use as well as its intoxicating influence on the beats is a pervasive theme for the band.  The next track, “Paper Cuts” mixes a dancefloor Drum & Bass beat with a chilled out organ sound that serves as another manifestation of Marijuana Deathsquads’ psychedelic influences.  In another throwback to the Age of Aquarius, fuzzed-out guitars and thick vocoder vocals collide with rolling a Hip-Hop beat on “MGtaP” to make for a high-energy freakout at the track’s conclusion.  But most awesomely, this feeling of panic that the end of “MGtaP” instills is carried straight into the next track, “Goddamnland,” which slowly churns out a vignette of an apocalyptic world that serves as a heavy endorsement for getting fucked up on drugs; it picks up into a pulsing dance beat shortly after the explicative line, “Fuck the world, / let’s get high.”  Although it seems like this album does not have all that many tricks up its sleeve, Marijuana Deathsquads continues to add unique textures to their tracks to the end of the album, incorporating sounds from trip-hop, turntablism, and even some dubstep-esque wob wob on “Animal.”  This album is a literal trip, and will be an equally rewarding listen whether you are sober or crushing up rocks of cocaine as you read this.  And the best part of the album is that it’s completely free!  No sample file to download here, you can head straight over to the band’s site (link above) and pick this one up to enjoy forever!  Now go tie off, you junkie.



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