Spiritualized — Sweet Heart Sweet Light

14 05 2012

Artist: Spiritualized

Album: Sweet Hear

Genre: Shoegaze

Year: 2012


1.) Huh? (Intro)

2.) Hey Jane

3.) Little Girl

4.) Get What You Deserve

5.) Too Late

6.) Headin’ for the Top Now

7.) Freedom

8.) I Am What I Am

9.) Mary

10.) Life Is a Problem

11.) So Long You Pretty Thing


Download has been removed due to DMCA Copyright Notice.

Hello my readers.  So I figure I should begin my review of this album by issuing an apology to you all, because I’ve been listening to this album for quite a while and I’ve only just now thought to put it up on here.  Though for the record, I will put on here that since SOPA, it’s become much more difficult to maintain working links to music downloads.  But that being said, I will keep trying to post new and excellent music to this blog for as long as I can remember that I have a blog.  On to the music, Sweet Heart Sweet Light came out April 16 this year, and is the 7th LP by Spiritualized, the project of frontman Jason Pierce.  As this is my first Spiritualized album, I have a particularly hard time pinning to a genre to this album, but if I had to describe it in generic terms I would call it a mix between Brit rock and Shoegaze.  Pierce’s nasally voice propels tracks into unexpected jams, consisting largely of droning organ chords and wailing guitar rhythms.  The overdistorted guitar sound is the unifying motif of these 11 tracks, but the collection is diverse with some interesting sounds.  One of the most interesting dynamics of this album is its use of choir vocals on tracks like “Freedom”, “I am What I Am”, and “Little Girl”, where the grouped voices imbue a very anthemic sound to the songs hooks.  Sweet Heart Sweet Light covers a variety of moods and emotions with its track list, and the longer shoegaze-like tracks reward careful listening with lush instrumentation.  The album fashions a fun and interesting rock sound, and as I am happy to note, will serve as my diving point for exploring Spiritualized’s discography.  Definitely give this one a listen.



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