Chad VanGaalen — Diaper Island

27 05 2011

Artist: Chad VanGaalen

Album: Diaper Island

Genre: Indie Rock

Year: 2011


1.) Do Not Fear

2.) Peace On The Rise

3.) Burning Photographs

4.) Heavy Stones

5.) Sara

6.) Replace Me

7.) Blonde Hash

8.) Freedom for a Policeman

9.) Can You Believe It!?

10.) Wandering Spirits

11.) No Panic / No Heat

12.) Shave My Pussy


Mediafire (91.1 Mb; 320 kbps)

Diaper Island is Canadian native Chad VanGaalen’s fourth LP, and let me just say first and foremost that such a nauseating album title is totally uncalled for.  When I first popped this album on, I thought that the only logical conclusion as to why VanGaalen would insist on assaulting my psyche with images of mustard-yellow baby crap clodding and curdling inside the absorbent confines of ass cloth was that he was implying this album was shit.  And for a minute I honestly thought that, because this album is, at first listen, incredibly different from his previous three releases.  The first thing I noticed is that VanGaalen’s studio sound has improved dramatically with the switch to his new and improved home studio (which is no longer located in his basement), which is a great thing for his sound, but the second thing I noticed is that VanGaalen had effectively made his rock album this time around.  Diaper Island is noticeably more focused on guitar-work than his previous releases, which had me frustrated at first listen.  I thought that VanGaalen’s switch to lightly distorted guitar on many tracks did not do justice at all to the folksy warble and varied sounds that made me fall in love with some of his older numbers like “Willow Tree” and “After the Afterlife“, but after a few more listens I quickly found that this was still indeed a Chad VanGaalen album to the truest sense.  I still have my doubts about the guitar on some tracks like “Replace Me” and “Freedom for a Policeman”, but the guitar on all of Diaper Island‘s tracks still manage to carry VanGaalen’s signature quirkiness with unique tone work.  And likewise, these tracks are still rich with the preternatural sounds that gave previous releases their unique atmosphere.  And VanGaalen still utilizes a myriad of unique instruments to give color to his songs.  If anything, Chad has actually found a fairly pristine middle-ground between warm, captivatingly structured alt-rock and his own spacey, introspective sound on this release.  Do I like it more than Infiniheart or Skelliconnection?  I don’t know if I’d say that much, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to his compendium, and it shows great promise from future releases.



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