Wilfred’s Wonderful People: David Liebe Hart (with bonus DLH Mixtape!)

22 05 2011

Salamé, all. I’ve got a very awesome new wonderful person to tell you about, he is a personal friend.  You probably read the words personal friend and then looked up at that picture of David Liebe Hart and then looked back down at the words personal friend and thought “no, it couldn’t be.”  Well it could be.  Because yesterday, I met David Liebe Hart, who we all know from his role as himself in the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, probably the greatest television program in existence.

Anyway, him and I are personal friends now, and this is a big deal because he is the first famous person I’ve ever met.  Allow me to explain what twists of fate brought us to cross paths.

Two of my friends (fellow fans of D.L.’s) and I were walking across the campus to see David perform at a small festival  in town yesterday, when we were struck with an agonizing and not-narcotic-related craving for sandwiches.  One sandwich stop later, we arrived at the venue only to be totally late for the show.  But my keen, muscular eyes spotted our susperstar idol in the corner of the room, selling caricatures at a table adorned with white construction paper.  Not another person was in sight, nobody was lined up to talk to him, no women were ripping their shirts off for him (some were ripping their shirts off for me earlier but that was outside).  We walked into the room and I greeted him.  “How was the show?” I asked him.

David responded in a surprisingly calm voice.  “Oh not very many people showed up.  And a lot of the people who were there didn’t really get it.”  He explained to us how a sizable amount of his audience (clearly brokedick fools) stuck their nose up to him; DLH mysteriously added, “even the black people walked out on me.”

We, of course, assured that him that we would have stayed to the end of his set and cheered for an encore, and this made him feel a little better.  We had gone from not knowing one another to acquaintances; the countdown to friendship continued on.  David then pushed some of his merch on us.  And how could we say no?  We bought his “new CD”—aptly named DLH Mixtape—for $10 and we purchased one of his $5 sketches.  We later noticed that we had received too much change, either as an unnoticed miscalculation or a furtive discount for some true fans; he also gave us a yellow 3×5″ index card with his home and cell number, and email address (an AOL account).  A review of the album is to follow.  Here is a scan of the portrait he did of us.

Top line (not pictured): [Some Corinnian]; Smile God loves yoü!; Salämé!

Left side: Mr Dävid is making it!

Right side: [More Corinnian]; Go into the light til next we meet!

Bottom side: by Mr David Liebe [I dotted with a heart] Hart 2011!; [More Corinnian]

We once more expressed our disdain in missing his show, and wished him the best of luck… and then it happened.  We shook hands, and at that moment, the metamorphosis from  personal friends.  To those who are unfamiliar with this man, has this story in any way made it apparent what he does?  No, and that why is David Liebe Hart is a wonderful person.

Off air, he can often be seen working outside of the Hollywood Bowl as a street performer, singing, doing puppetry, and drawing wonderful sketches like the one he did of us shown above (by the way I should add that only one of those characters actually resemble its real life subject); he can also be seen back on air in his public access show, The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program.  But David is here on Earth for a different purpose, as in his free time he is the Earth’s sole ambassador to the Corinnian race.  They are aliens from the Corrindor system who abducted D.L. when he was young.  Of whatever nature his interactions with the Corinnians were, they have somehow blessed him with amazing artistic talent, to which I have been enlightened to through his swaggin’ new mixtape.  Here is a review.


Artist: David Liebe Hart

Album: DLH Mixtape

Genre: Outsider

Year: 2011


1.) losing everything

2.) oasis and andrew lied to me

3.) my mama died

4.) phyllis mckinan

5.) jershey shore

6.) new L cars

7.) not getting high

8.) charlie sheen

9.) beautiful women

10.) street musician

11.) i like cola

12.) the wolf is at the door

13.) richard dunn is done

14.) adam’s old lady

15.) james’ rent

16.) new technology

17.) what will it be like when i go to heaven?


Mediafire (103.14 Mb; 256 kbps)

I don’t know if this album tells us more about David Liebe Hart, or blurs our idea of who the man is.  This is David’s Mixtape, which he directly described to me as being about “Charlie Sheen and Richard Dunn;” I wouldn’t call that 100% true, but to be fair, there is a picture of Sheen on the design wheat-pasted to the back cover of the CD case.

charlie sheen is actually kind of hard to see in this picture. yeah i kind of forgot to mention that he totally autographed the CD over charlie's face.

There is really only one thing I can say for sure about this album: that it’s a shiny golden masterpiece.  It’s absolutely criminal how few people will get to hear this amazing work of art, so I’ve ripped it from its original CD-R form with scans of its cover for all of the Internet to hear.  But if I could quote a line from track ten “street musician” off  DLH Mixtape, “I’m a street musician, / that’s my -ism. /  I’m a street musician, / that’s my true religion.  / I sing on the street to get food to eat, / so I don’t starve and so I go far.”  David is an active Los Angeles street musician, so if you download this album and like it, please be certain to support David directly by buying a copy or throwing some $$$ his way next time you are in LA.  That being said, David’s a complex guy.  He has a lot to talk about in this mixtape, and he raps and sings his heart out about them over some classic beats.  Literally classic.  D.L. has produced a true mixtape, borrowing beats from his favorite hits the same way all the O.G.’s started out.  Liebe Hart also pays homage to his identity as a star of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, with songs like “james’ rent” which is about James Quall’s issues with paying his rent and “richard dunn is done” which laments the untimely death of co-star Richard Dunn; storytelling like that seems inappropriately heavy when compared to David’s sometimes bitter but always fun album (which he wrote with Adam Papagan), Public Acces, but this mixtape is clearly a cathartic release for Dave.  The Hart Man shows us his most raw and primal side, creating a powerful blues over his mother’s passing, his uncertainty about the afterlife, the infidelity of Adam’s girlfriend, and everything else that goes wrong in the world.  In “i like cola” Dave abandons his Christian values, and howls out his deepest desires: “I want a woman single and pretty, / she’s gotta have beautiful big titties.”  As perfect as this album is, its intentions are a true mystery, and it does nothing to expand our knowledge of the mythos of the Corinnians.  But I have faith that all will be answered in due time.  David, may you go into the light ’til next we meet!



4 responses

3 08 2011
Marc D

Great post!

Is it possible to re-upload the mixtape, the filefactory link expired. I’d buy the CD in an instant if I could find it online, David doesn’t sell it on his online store (davidandadam.bandcamp.com) and he hasn’t responded to my facebook inquiry yet either.

Thanks! -Marc (marc@duck-walk.com)

18 08 2011

thanks for the heads up about the expired link. here’s a new one for you, http://www.mediafire.com/?xjf5ymq3u69mhlc hope it lasts longer! thanks for reading!

19 08 2011
Marc D

Ah cool, thanks for the re-upload. I actually was able to finally buy a copy, so I’m all good! A lot of heavy material on this mixtape, I hope he continues to make these.

30 01 2019
Bob Cobb

please re-upload! Can’t find this anywhere

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