Tennis — Cape Dory

10 01 2011

Artist: Tennis

Album: Cape Dory

Genre: Surf Pop

Year: 2011


1.) Take Me Somewhere

2.) Long Boat Pass

3.) Cape Dory

4.) Marathon

5.) Bimini Way

6.) South Carolina

7.) Pigeon

8.) Seafarer

9.) Baltimore

10.) Waterbirds


Mediafire (53.68 Mb)

What is up to my massive, massive reader base.  I’ve got an album that I meant to throw down  in mid-January after it leaked in December—err, or should I say right now, because I definitely did not retroactively post this to mid-January to hide the fact that I have been completely ignoring this blog for four months whilst I have been busy committing heinous acts of saturnalia at my Americanuniversity (I say American to make my massive, massive reader base look mostly foreign—which it is!).  Though if I had been completely ignoring my blog, this would have been one of the great albums I wanted to post right at the start of January to welcome in a promising 2011 for music, but didn’t.  Either way, here’s Tennis, or, the last thing we all heard from 2010’s crazy beach pop craze.  Of course the sound is nothing new; you’re gonna hear that same lo-fi, female-voiced pop sound you got from familiar Fat Possum Records faces, like Best Coast’s analgesic Bethany Cosentino, but Cape Dory holds its own in terms of imagery.  While the surf influence is still heavily present, you’ll be hearing a lot less about the sunny beach and having fun, and more about afternoon sailing voyages (and having fun).  I dare go so far as to say that Tennis puts an East Coast feel on a West Coast convention, but my opinions of the East Coast are heavily biased and poorly informed, so that’s just one listener’s opinion.  But you can give Cape Dory a listen too and tell me if I’m right or not.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt either, after all, the high, warbly vocals and warm guitars are incredibly accessible, even to those who aren’t too keen on lo-fi (if you don’t like lo-fi shit, why the fuck do you read my blog, by the way?), as vocalist Alaina Moore’s unique style truly sells the fact that this album should be coming from a 60s girl group.  All in all, this is a great, easy-going LP, that just makes you want to drink some wine and nod along at some fancy country club where everybody drapes sweater around their shoulders and wears boat shoes.  And that’s cool with me.  Kind of.



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