GlassJAw — Our Color Green EP

1 01 2011

Artist: GlassJAw

Album: Our Color Green EP

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Year: 2011


1.) All Good Junkies Go to Heaven

2.) Jesus Glue

3.) Natural Born Farmer

4.) Stars

5.) You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)


Mediafire (32.98 Mb; VBR)

Ah, the first album of the year.  And of course it’s the one I was most looking forward to last year.  GlassJAw is back in full force with their new EP, aka the first thing the hardcore unit’s released in over 10 years.  It doesn’t quite make up for the guys never writing or calling, but hey they’ve been busy, and Our Color Green is a fantastically well-polished album, so everyone should be happy that we didn’t get nothing.  Out of the some 20-odd minutes of music this album packs, there isn’t a single dull moment; even the dull moments are fucking intense.  All around, a fantastic listen, and I shouldn’t even see any of you having to read this far to know it.  Go get your GlassJAw.



2 responses

11 02 2011

I still can’t believe this is fucking happening

11 02 2011

I’ve been hurt so many times :'(

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