Wilfred’s Wonderful People: “Samuel Verasforzza”

1 11 2010

It’s not often that Internet trolls get to me–the Internet Hate Machine’s left me far too jaded to be bothered by that shit.  But a while back, my friend, who from henceforth on shall be referred to as Steve D., showed me some comments in a youtube video that were far more retarded than the average youtube comment.  And that is saying a lot.  But before I dive right in with how I got to know this guy,  verasforzza, here is a history lesson.  It all started with this video about about two cars… racing… or some shit.  I don’t know, that’s not my thing.

But quite some time after the video’s posting, a real doucher hit the scene.  All it took was one comment from this guy for the shitstorm to fire up—by the way, I should note that Steve D. and I weren’t the first ones to come across this abortion retard homo; that credit supposedly goes to  Vetteburna.  I can now only imagine the horrified look on poor Vetteburna’s face as his innocent day of watching car videos on youtube was ruined by what is arguably the worst Youtube video comment of all time.  And little did he know at that time that said comment would later ignite a flaming volcano of “holy-shit-somebody-is-wrong-on-the-Internet” fire.  A full-on flaming occurred, and if you’re willing to search through the forever shifting sands of Youtube comments, you can find a full archive of this.  But for those of you without the patience to do so, I invite you to follow me on a journey of faggotry…

the comment that started it all.

Fast forward to page four, 3,500 posts later (not all about cuntwipe, fortunately): Steve D. (daschwartz2 on youtube) makes first contact.

thumbs down courtesy of yours truly.

But verasforzza was a very special kind of troll (if he was a troll, that is—I don’t make this a point anywhere else in this article so listen carefully when I say that I don’t know for sure if this guy was real or not… that’s what’s so fucking enraging about this shit!).  He’s the kind that—intentionally or not—doesn’t know when to quit.  And that made me rage really fucking hard.  So I got pulled into this mess by Steve D., who was very much aware of my counter-trolling expertise.  I made my move.

i've used that youtube account since i was like 10 fuck you if you think the name's hella gay—you're hella gay bro!

But of course I was far too polite at first, even going so far as to give him the benefit of the doubt at some points.  Oh what a fool I was.  I could fill this blog to its limits with laughable quotes from this guy, but to say it short: you had to have been there.  Sorry.  Steve D. and I actually came into the hating game relatively late, but I was still able to dig up a decent amount of shit on “him” by the time he had stopped at the stupid fucking game, but I disposed of most of it, not thinking I’d ever want to chronicle this epic srs business tale.  However, one “Benjaminh1987” has made a video that I hope he won’t mind me sharing, which is a complete list of every claim user verasforzza had made since his debut.

Since—like I said—I missed the bulk of veras’ Youtube bitch fit, my own personal list of claims he made is much smaller, but the point is I’ve actually got one.  And here it is in one fat sentence orgy: Youtube user verasforzza is a big wave surfing DBK amputee with: a 179 IQ; a private home in Bel Air; a huge dick; a membership in the Pi society; a collection of pieces by Van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, Modigliani, and Degas; a Berger Yacht; more than 60 cars (some of which were payed for with a suitcase full of cash); the right to say he’s climbed Mount Everest; a 500GB custom ipod for his FLAC music collection; fine art pieces hung in the Metropolitan; a master’s degree in psychology; a $17,000,000 lakefront Villa in Bellagio, Italia; a professional photography career; a car that’s raced the Baja 1,000; four gold medals from the Olympic games; a career as a pro triathlete/cyclist; a degree from Harvard; and so much more.I really needn’t go on, but sad enough, I can.  Either way, you’d think a fucking cripple with a track record like that would have been interviewed once in his life, or maybe he’d have a website that credits him for his paintings and photographs.  Though, when someone inevitably told him what bullshit that is, he responded “Did it ever occur to you that since I have a Master’s in Psychology from Yale and my wife also has an Ivy League PhD in Psychology that maybe I’m conducting a thesis experiment?”  So, again there’s a possibility that he’s just a Yale Graduate conducting experiments on Youtube comments.  And, and, fucking and, if you search him on the internet, virtually all you can find is his cardomain account, his Facebook account (maybe—after all I do see pictures of a guy with legs), his Youtoube account, and really not much else.  Why couldn’t I find him among the many listed people who have successfully climbed Everest?  Why is the only photography of his that I’ve ever seen a single illustrated cover of a book?  I mean, really, you take any of his claims and pick them apart with little to no prior knowledge on the subject.  Check out when he claims to be a  5-time olympian and also claims to only be 31 years old.  He would have qualified for his first Olympics he was 10 years old.  And that would never have happened, especially considering that the youngest male competitor in history was 12 year-old East German figure skater Jan Hoffman in 1988 (credit to ferrarifanatics.com user Twiggy269 for pointing that out).  It’s just retarded.  And even if a single one of his claims were true, I wouldn’t be impressed, because if you can’t be the most interesting man in the world without also being the hugest cunt in the world, I really don’t give a fuck.

besides, being the most interesting man in the world is a privilege reserved exclusively for the most interesting man in the world.

The thing is,



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19 01 2011

I was similarly piqued and baffled.

Take a look at this list (current back in fall 2009) of all the verasforzza explosions I could find. Googlepages lost its formatting, but here is the text:

8 02 2011

oh wow, thanks for this treasure trove of information! i’ll have to fully comb through this sometime in my life and expand my knowledge base of this mysterious figure!

12 04 2011

Ahahahahah, I host that Ferrari video and cannot believe how much fame this video got, I’m tempted to deleted the past few thousand comments and let this start all over again

1 01 2014

I find it really funny that this made it to an internet news article. I remember when I first got my iphone and only used it for watching YouTube car videos. The first time I really commented on a post it was this video. I said something like “wow that camaro is really cool” and was excited that someone had responded to my comment. However excitement times to shock when it was the notorious verasforzza who insulted me poignantly for liking the camaro. Other youtubers came to my aid so I eventually joined in the fight. After a while I removed most of my comments because I was scared he would kill himself and blame it on us. My first troll experience.

15 09 2016


9 05 2016

I am Sam’s mom.

I am asking you to remove all posts related to Sam.

I was horrified to come across this post and the utter disregard and in sensitivity regarding publishing this information about someone you do not know personally, who has had severe challenges in his life.

All of you may think this is funny. You dip deep into your language repertoire to describe how awful you think this person is. Perhaps none of you have had Anything ever happened in your own life that would cause you to have a breakdown and say things that are not true. Any one of you?

I am heartbroken for what Sam and his brother have endured. Both were tormented by their birth father their entire childhood, until their dad was arrested in 1995.

Sam does not have the ends of any of his toes. He nearly died of infection in 2006. His life was saved by amputating his right leg below the knee. Sam was an excellent soccer player and had a severe break in his leg in high school. After surgery, screws remained and he had further infections, eventually contracting osteomyelitis.

He has been on heavy medications on and off.

I do not make excuses for the things he has said that are not true, but they come from a life nearly destroyed by an abusuve father, who blamed his problems on everyone else, then took his own life. Sam even changed his full name to distance his name from his given name.

After receiving his degree from the University Washington, he attended the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and got his post baccalaureate there. He has been applying every year and has not been excepted. I would hate to think that it would be linked in anyway to your Internet postings.

I can’t imagine anyone of you would make fun of someone with disabilities whether they be physical or mental. You’ve had your fun, now, please remove all of these postings from the Internet.


12 09 2016
Informed Observer

To the proprietor of this website:

Please do NOT remove this site or ANY of the comments re Verasforzza aka Sam/Scott. The truth must be shown for all to see.

To Kathy:

Are you serious? Your son is a sick, twisted, narcissistic, wannabe, piece of GARBAGE.

Why don’t you tell all the folks out here about the reason why Sam/Scott lost his leg? It is because he purposely picked at it until it required amputation (which is exactly what Sam/Scott wanted).

Why don’t you tell all of the folks out here about how your pathetic, coward son, Sam/Scott, provoked a domestic dispute with his wife to intentionally have her arrested because he is a cowardly piece of CRAP!

Better yet, why don’t you wake up, smell the coffee, and STOP with your enabling.

15 09 2016

Are you sure you have the whole truth here?

15 09 2016

Is this guy for real

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