Février — White Hills EP

1 09 2010

Artist: Février

Album: White Hills EP

Genre: Experimental

Year: 2010


1.) Mountain Summers

2.) Shrapnel

3.) White Hills

4.) Umbrella

5.) Shrapnel [Scaredycrow Mix]

6.) White Hills [Noise Pollution Mix]

7.) Axel Heiberg

8.) White Hills [Textural Reshape]



I know, I’m doing it again.  Posting too much music and not enough articles.  Okay, not enough of either but my point is clear: the ratio is fucked.  Anyway, in this particular installment, I don’t give a shit.  Because this is another release from good friend of mine Connor Etges (you may remember his Electronic work under the handle 34 if you actually read this blog), and– well, you know what they say: bros before… ratios.  Onto my thoughts.  The amount of finesse put into this album is apparent from the get-go; in spite of a sound collage feel that calls back to Etges’ 2009 release, AponiaWhite Hills sports an impressive attention to detail in its experimentation.  The glitched-out beats glimmer with intent, and ambient sounds echo in all the right directions, playing to draw out a very distinct shoegaze influence.  The mood of the EP ebbs and flows very subtly between a murky darkness and a brighter pop-like intonation, though it could certainly do more in exploring the range of emotion it can potentially offer.  That being said, the Air France-esque title track is a definite high point for the album in it’s blistering warmth, and it perfectly complements the closing song “Umbrella”–definitely the darkest of the mix.  The remixes and bonus song after the meat and potatoes of the album are a nice touch to the release, and they provide interesting spins on the pre-existing tracks, as well as create promise for future releases.  White Hills is an album of blending, and as the many parts and parcels are synthesized, there is a pristine balance born in the resulting sound wall.  Not short on dynamics, White Hills succeeds in releasing the flood in the correct moderation, and with a pay-as-you-please download option, you can’t be fucked to miss it.  Go ahead and give a listen, so you can help decide what’s gonna be the next big thing.



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