Wavves — King of the Beach

30 06 2010

Artists: Wavves

Album: King of the Beach

Genre: Surf Rock

Year: 2010


1.) King of the Beach

2.) Super Soaker

3.) Idiot

4.) When Will You Come

5.) Post Acid

6.) Take On The World

7.) Baseball Cards

8.) Convertible Balloon

9.) Green Eyes

10.) Mickey Mouse

11.) Linus Spacehead

12.) Baby Say Goodbye


Mediafire (48.07 Mb)

Mediafire (41.97 Mb)

2009’s douche of the year is back with a no-nonsense 3rd LP that finally drops the hyperdistortion gimmick from Wavves’ first two releases, while keeping intact much of the charm of the original two records.  Now that Nathan Williams has fulfilled his hipster quota, he can freely stop–in his own words–writing the same album over and over again.  Now I’ll admit, I was a real sucker for that original lo-fi sound (something about it reminded me of home), but in my defense, most of the appeal was that happy-go-lucky “this shit’s all just about having fun” songwriting.  I really enjoyed an artist not giving a fuck about whether he was great or terrible, and this theme returns on King of the Beach, this time  a little more about the music.  His first single, Post Acid (YouTube link above), says it all with its blaring, break-neck chorus: “I’m just having fun / with you.”  Wavves’ pop sensibilities are really able to shine through without all the shit-stortion killing the dynamics, and while some fans are furious about the change and have resorted to re-overdriving his tracks, I’m A-OK with the change of style, because it doesn’t take an idiot to see you’re still listening to the same ‘ol Wavves.



One response

3 07 2010
Jonathon Moxon

I feel like I’m supposed to like Wavves in the way that we’re all obligated to want to go out and get shitfaced on New Year’s Eve.

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