Rob Roy — King Warrior Magician Lover

8 04 2010

Artists: Rob Roy

Album: King Warrior Magician Lover

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Year: 2010


1.) I-N-T-R-O-(B-R-O-Y)

2.) King Warrior Magician Lover

3.) Gold & Gucci

4.) Rollercoaster Baby

5.) Fur In My Cap

6.) Cherubic

7.) Duval

8.) Bowden Acres Parade

9.) Velvet Rope Blue

10.) White Shoes

11.) Carmencita


Mediafire (34.94 Mb; 128 kbps)

Once again, sorry about no real articles.  I’ll get on that shit, I swear.  Until then, I think someone needs to take me to the hospital, because this is the most mainstream music I’ve ever endorsed.  Well I don’t know if it’s actually mainstream because I couldn’t give a fuck about the radio if you paid me, but when I listen to Rob Roy’s debut LP, I can’t help but feel guilty, like I’m doing something wrong.  It’s not right for someone as bohemian and clearly hipster as I to listen to something this unless it was out of irony– that’s it!  This must be ironic.  The way this guy’s got that sporadic stop-and-go flow has to be a clear ironic hipster statement, and his 90s hip-hop slur has got to be some kind of satire on modern music.  Okay fine, I admit it, this is just a fresh new rapper breaking onto the scene and his hot mixtape (wow people throw the word mixtape around like its nothing these days) and we’re all a little bit scared because it’s good.  King Warrior Magician Lover is rapid-firing and sharp, and while the album has its boring moments, there are enough standout tracks to give this shit a listen.



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