Mattiesko Investigates: Tetris (4/20 Special)

20 04 2010

First and foremost, if you take a gander over at your calendar, you will find that it’s a very important day for a select group of people: a group of people who have been discriminated, time and time again, by unconstitutional laws which are unfairly forced upon us by the government.  This group of like-minded individuals chooses this specific day of our calendar every year to make harmless celebrations for what they believe in, and all they ever get from it is more hatred from international news conglomerates.  They are among us at work and at school, they live in our neighborhoods, and they deserve just as much respect as you or me.  I’m, of course, talking about…

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Rob Roy — King Warrior Magician Lover

8 04 2010

Artists: Rob Roy

Album: King Warrior Magician Lover

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Year: 2010

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