Das Racist — Shut Up, Dude

29 03 2010

Artists: Das Racist

Album: Shut Up, Dude

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Year: 2010


1.) Who’s That? Brooown!

2.) You Oughta Know

3.) Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

4.) Rainbow in the Dark

5.) Fake Patois

6.) Nutmeg

7.) Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell Remix)

8.) Chicken and Meat

9.) I Don’t Owe Nobody Shit

10.) Ek Shaneesh

11.) Hugo Chavez

12.) I Don’t Want to Deal with Those Monsters

13.) Don Dada

14.) One Dollar Can

15.) Coochie Dip City

16.) Deep Ass Shit (You’ll Get it When You’re High)

17.) Shut Up, Dude


Sendspace (142.09 Mb; 320 kbps)

First and foremost, sorry about all the music posts and none of the funny posts; these take less effort and are easier to put out in bulk.  Second and secondmost, I’ve got Das Racist’s premiere mixtape, brought to you by Mishka (king suppliers of gangster clothing) and you’re gonna love it.  The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s definitely more of an album than a mixtape, but guess what.  You don’t hear me complaining.  That’s right, and I don’t hear you complaining either.  That’s fucking awesome.  All of these songs are smart as fuck; their lyrical content is incredibly reflexive and they stack very tongue-in-cheek references so fast that you have to pause and reflect every 10 seconds in.  That doesn’t stand for all songs, granted, as this album also has quite a swath of chill, laid back tracks.  This means that beats are all over the place, but in a very good way.  In the end, a very eclectic mix tape produces quite a bang, and I recommend this one for all those hip-hop heads.



3 responses

29 03 2010

Wow, music piracy is the worst form of piracy. I hope you feel satisfied knowing you’ve robbed people of their one source of income you slimy little prick. You just wait until the DMCA hears about this.

P.S: thanks for the album.

29 03 2010

ahahaha bro ur funny bro- no but really this was a free mixtape. much love bloodclot.

4 04 2010


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