Best Coast / Jeans Wilder — Split 7″

13 02 2010

Artists: Best Coast / Jeans Wilder

Album: Split 7″

Genre: Garage Pop

Year: 2010


1.) Up All Night

2.) Tough Guys


Mediafire (10.87 Mb; VBR)

A minor split album like this, not even 10 minutes in length can very easily get overlooked, but this one is definitely worth the download.  Best Coast’s “Up All Night” is a droning beach tune, that evokes an oddly chilling image of the night-time shoreline, the tide washing in and out.   Jeans Wilder’s “Tough Guys” follows with a bubbling pop number, equivalent to an El Guincho or Panda Bear song in slow motion.  I wouldn’t usually up a short-ass album like this one, but it creeps along in such a uniquely soothing manner, that I figured it would be worth the recommendation.  Enjoy.



3 responses

13 02 2010
Gangsta Luv

Gud shit brah. Keep it tight and true.

10 05 2010
Jonathon Moxon

Thanks for uploading this gem.

16 05 2012

thank you! ;D

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