Sleigh Bells — 2HELLWU

27 01 2010

Artist: Sleigh Bells

Album: 2HELLWU

Genre: Dream Crunk

Year: 2009


1.) Ring Ring

2.) Crown On The Ground

3.) Beach Girls

4.) Infinity Guitars

5.) A/B Machines

6.) Holly



Mediafire (30.52 Mb; VBR)

I don’t believe it.  I’ve been playing these guys’ three track demo over and over again since “Crown On The Ground” first gave me a splitting headache; they even got a spot on my most-anticipated albums of 2010.  So imagine my stupor 45 seconds ago, when I found out that Sleigh Bells’ tour relase CD-R 2HELLWU has been out since 2009.  Well it’s got all the tracks you may have already heard, but they come together fantastically.  And for those of you who haven’t heard this band, let me tell you the story of when I first played their music.  I was sitting in my room when I popped on a track, and the resulting discordant apocalypse had my mom running down the hallway to where my room and the washroom are shouting “is the dryer broken?!  it sounds like it’s going to break!”  Fuck yeah.  The moral of the story is that this is the trashiest, most gangster shit ever, hence its affectionately (if not only by me) dubbed genre, Dream Crunk.  This New York electro duo has revolutionized the concept of lo-fi like no other has.  And these tunes are ones you’re gonna want to be blasting for your friends, because this is album was made for extroversion.  On a couple of levels, these guys are comparable to M.I.A., but in all fairness there’s really nothing you can compare them to.  So don’t miss this.  And if you do, be sure to definitely not miss their upcoming full-length LP, Treats.



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28 01 2010


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