Torpeedoh — Party People

11 01 2010

Artist: Torpeedoh

Album: Party People

Genre: Mashup

Year: 2010


1.) Take It Away

2.) Still At It

3.) On The Floor

4.) Go Ahead

5.) Bumpin’

6.) All Out

7.) Turn It Up

8.) Hit It

9.) Bounce

10.) What It Is


Mediafire (73.72 Mb; VBR)

Artist Page (73.72 Mb; VBR)

Mashups are always either hit or miss.  You’d think a genre with such unexplored grounds would have been hit with a wave of innovation by now, but unfortunately, every mashup album I’ve heard has had to rely on the same formula, and consequently, is plagued by the same faults.  But that being said, Torpeedoh’s Party People is still pretty damn good.  When it comes down to it, what tends to make most mashups work or not in the end is the choice of samples.  But Party People leans in a different direction.  It’s got the typical assortment of radio rap from the last two years and eclectic yet shallow rock cuts, but what caught me off guard was how well these samples flowed after a couple of listens.  There are a certain few samples that feel totally superfluous and break the flow in some tracks (putting “Under the Bridge” in “Still At It” almost ruined the song for me), but for the most part, this album feels much more in sync than most others I’ve heard.  I guess it’s a mixed bag: the sample choice is pretty “same old, same old” (except for that Wu-Tang!) but the album’s got a darn good flow for the most part, especially when you consider that this isn’t coming from Girl Talk or any of that hyped out shit.  So if this is your kind of thing, be sure to check it out.



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