Surfer Blood — Astro Coast

5 01 2010

Artist: Surfer Blood

Album: Astro Coast

Genre: Surf Rock

Year: 2010


1.) Floating Vibes

2.) Swim

3.) Take it Easy

4.) Harmonix

5.) Neighbour Riffs

6.) Twin Peaks

7.) Fast Jabroni

8.) Slow Jabroni

9.) Anchorage

10.) Catholic Pagans


Hotfile (83.6Mb)

Megaupload (83.3 Mb; password:  pitimini)

Surfer Blood gave us a minor glimpse of what was to come last year with a few songs, but now their full LP, Astro Coast (out January 19th) has been leaked in all it’s glory.  If you were waiting for this album with the rest of us who got caught up in last year’s surf fad, you won’t be disappointed.  The main thing I noticed about this album is the dilettantish assortment of influences coming from every direction.  Some Ivory Coast flavor a la Vampire Weekend-inspired guitar lines; classic Beach Boys surf aesthetic (tight vocal melodies with bouncing reverb); and the ebbing emotions you would expect of early-90s emo all ring out between tracks.  Now, you might not catch what I caught, but I’m making it a point that you won’t hear what anyone else hears on this album.  You’ll probably be surprised to find a completely different set of influences when you listen to it, but that’s the point.  In a way, Astro Coast is like coming back to your home and finding that nothing’s changed, but everything’s better.  It’s got a fresh new pastiche sound, that’ll serve as a great way to kick off 2010.



2 responses

13 01 2010

ur lynx r broked

13 01 2010

thanks dude. i replaced it with 2 fresh ones… but i haven’t tested them out for quality.

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